Our Story

healthyhouseOpening its doors in 2015, Healthy House began as a humble little family-owned retail business operating by the beautiful Coolangatta beach on the Gold Coast. With an overwhelming drive to share our passion and health journey with others, the team behind the business began offering the local community and its visitors a wide range of natural, holistic health-related products and services. As our business and customer base began to grow, we consistently received requests to expand our business online, giving access to everyone anywhere in Australia to all of our amazing offerings, and we listened! Launching in 2018, the business has since evolved to the online world with our brand new Healthy House website and online store.

We are so excited to continue to share what we live, breathe and love with the rest of Australia. Join us on our journey towards bringing health and wellbeing to the lives of as many people as possible and become a part of the Healthy House community today!

Our Offering

Healthy House is a unique online health food store which offers customers a full range of healthy lifestyle products from whole-foods, bulk foods, paleo products, gluten-free groceries, protein powder, supplements, superfoods, complementary medicine, snacks, beverages, skin care, cleaning products, cookware, water filters, homeopathic products, biodegradable nappies, a baby range and much more.

We also offer holistic health services through our experienced naturopaths and nutritionists who can provide you with naturopathic and nutritional advise on natural and organic health care products ranging from vitamins, supplements, herbal remedies, homeopathic products, bush flower essences and aromatherapy.