Removalists come across clients whose moving needs can differ significantly, as well as numerous scenarios that do not fit the normal house move process. One of these is when a client contacts them and explains that they need to pack and move within three days. Admittedly, these situations are rare, but they do happen more often than you might think.

They can be for any number of reasons, with the more common being an opportunity to move to another home that has an extremely short deadline, financial reasons regarding mortgage arrangements and bridging loans, or it could simply that the client has left everything to the last minute and is panicking now that they are meant to be moving within 72 hours.

Thankfully, removalists from have lots of tips as to how a house move can be done in 3 days, especially regarding packing everything, and below are seven of them.

Do Not Wait To Start Packing

This might seem blatantly obvious, but it must be said. Too many people waste time thinking about the next 72 hours and packing up their homes instead of doing so. Fretting will not help either, so accept the situation and start taking action immediately, such as those that follow.

Quickly Decide What You Are Taking With You

Your first decision has to be what items you are going to take with you to your new home. However, do not spend hours deliberating over this, as the need for speed is upon you. So, make quick decisions, and if you are unsure about any belongings, take them with you, as you can always get rid of them at your new home.

Make Immediate Arrangements To Get Rid Of What You Are Not Taking

For everything that you have decided you are not taking, you must quickly arrange to get rid of them. Your three main options are to bin it,  give it away, or donate it to charity. The first should be easy, although you might need to take some items to the local rubbish dump. If giving away or donating, tell those individuals or charities that they have 24 hours to collect them unless you plan to deliver items to them yourself.

Create An Inventory Of Everything That Is Going To Be Packed

Even within the somewhat frantic circumstances you are in, you want to ensure that everything you own and take with you is packed and should arrive at your new home. For this reason, we suggest you create a simple inventory of what you are taking to ensure it gets packed.

Purchase The Necessary Packing Materials

For this, call some local removalists, some of which may offer same-day delivery of packing materials. If not, drive to your nearest store that sells packing materials and purchase them. Ensure you buy not just boxes but also tape and materials, such as bubble wrap, to keep fragile and expensive items safe,

Enlist Family And Friends To Help You

 With such a short time to pack everything, it makes sense to have as many people helping as possible. To this end, do not be too proud to call family, friends, or even neighbours to come and help you pack. However, ensure you organise them properly to make the best use of their time.

Pay Removalists To Pack For You

If you genuinely believe that, even if you followed all of the above, it would be impossible for you to pack in 72 hours, or you cannot face the stress of it all, then, if you have the necessary budget, you can hire your removalists to pack for you. This way, you can be sure that everything will be packed safely using the most suitable packing materials and done so on time.