Maintaining Mental Health

Five Tips for Maintaining Mental Health When Being Harassed

Workplace harassment and racial discrimination are serious issues that can have a severe impact on peoples’ mental health. Although Australian law protects employees from racism in the workplace, it occurs nonetheless.

Although a lot of people seek professional legal and medical help when workplace problems become too much, the mental health impacts can stay with a person for a significant length of time. Because of this, we decided to put together the following list of our top five tips for maintaining strong mental health in the face of harassment. They include:

  1. Making Sure You Sleep Properly

Poor sleep is a major contributor to poor mental health. Ensuring you sleep properly will help you maintain a good mental space, even in the face of discrimination.

For example, avoid drinking too much alcohol before bed. Although you may feel like drinking helps you sleep better, it doesn’t. Even if you feel like you’re sleeping longer and waking up less, your quality of sleep will be significantly decreased.

  1. Reduce Alcohol Consumption

In fact, it’s a good idea to stop drinking altogether if you’re suffering from poor mental health due to harassment. If you start drinking, it’s very easy to fall into a downward spiral leading to alcoholism and other problems.