Dentist Knows You’re Lying

Your Dentist Knows You’re Lying, and Here’s How

Yes, dentist, I have been brushing twice per day. Yes, dentist, I do floss. Are you lying? There’s no point; your dentist is going to know!

Your dentist plays a vital role in your life. They are there to provide advice on your oral care, to offer treatment for any problems you’re having, and to notice anything relating to oral health that could cause problems in the future. They will answer any questions you might have, but they will also ask a few to make sure they are doing all they can for you, and that you are doing all you can for your oral health.

Have you ever lied to your dentist? Most people will have at least stretched the truth. Here are some of the more common lies dentists hear, and how they know if you’re being truthful or not!

Dentist: Do you feel any pain?

Patient: No

Local and general anaesthetic is useful in a dental situation for pain-free procedures like fillings. If you feel pain or discomfort during a procedure, let your dentist know. Often, your dentist can pick up body language. Flinching eyes, clenched jaws, tightened tongues, and tense legs are all signs that the anaesthetic isn’t quite enough to numb your mouth completely. Speak up, and your dentist will take action.   (more…)