Should I try Home Rehab?

Why Trying Drugs Detox At Home Is Extremely Risky

Many people with a drug addiction simply refuse to enter drug rehab, such as and opt instead to try overcoming their illness themselves, generally at home. That might sound laudable, and although many people have weaned themselves off drugs in this way, it has no guarantee of success.

Further, the chances of this option being successful are far less than the drug above available rehab treatments. Even more cause for concern is that detoxing oneself at home carries several risks. We are not suggesting that anyone trying to end their addiction at home should be criticised for that, merely that they must do so in full knowledge of those risks.

Taking that stage further, it is essential that anyone who cares for a person with drug addiction, especially their family, is aware of what the risks of home detox consist of. To that aim, we have outlined below the main dangers of detoxing at home.