When you start looking for information on waist trainers before you buy one, you probably come across a lot of articles. Many of these are informative and mention the results you can achieve. However, some talk about the dangers of waist trainers and how they aren’t safe. So, it begs the question: are waist trainers safe? You’re about to find out.

Corsets vs. Waist Training Cinchers

Before you buy waist trainers for yourself, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with what both corsets and waist trainers are, for they are quite different.

Corsets tend to have steel bones, and they feature a fabric such as leather, satin, or cotton that promotes curvature of your hips and bust. The goal of corsets is to remove upwards of three inches off your waist. They sit around your midsection and encourage an hourglass curve that is slowly becoming more fashionable after losing its appeal before the 1900s.

Waist trainers, or cinchers, however, are there to provide a slimming effect. They promote a curvier waistline, but not nearly close to that of a corset. What’s more, they are proving favourable during exercise, as their latex construction promotes sweating, which can lead to a more intense workout.

Are Waist Trainers Safe?

When you read the horror stories of days gone by, of women with misplaced organs and breathing problems, you may assume that waist trainers aren’t safe. And it’s right; incorrect or excessive use of corsets used to be – and still can be – damaging. But waist training is an entirely different story.

The most important thing you can do while wearing a waist trainer is to listen to your body. You can’t put it on for the first time, adjust it to the tightest setting, and then wear it for hours on end. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

You have to increase the tightness of the waist trainer over time gradually and listen to what your body is telling you. If you notice any pain, then take off the waist trainer. You can avoid discomfort purely by knowing your body’s limits.

Picking a Size

Picking an appropriately-sized waist trainer can be the difference between the safe use of a waist trainer and unsafe use. If you buy one that’s too small, you can experience pain, discomfort, and even shortness of breath during workouts. If it’s too large, you’re unlikely to experience their many benefits, such as toning, weight loss, improved posture, and better confidence.

Most reputable waist trainer suppliers online and across Australia stock a broad size range from around XS to 6XL. They are suitable for 32-50-inch busts, 24-42-inch waists, and 34-52-inch hips. When you buy the best waist trainer, it should be snug and tightly-fitting, but not so much so that it causes your skin to fold underneath it.

 Waist trainers can be safe, but only when you do your homework and buy one that’s right for you. Only ever purchase your waist trainer from a reputable supplier, and make sure you measure yourself correctly to secure the best fit.

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