For many people, the sole purpose of calling in a professional carpet cleaner is to simply make their carpets look cleaner. For others, an additional objective is to prolong the lifetime of their carpets. However, there is a third reason for wanting clean carpets which has nothing to do with the appearance or well-being of the carpets themselves.

In fact, when it comes to well-being, it is yours and your family’s that we are referring to, because there are many health benefits that are derived from having your carpets cleaned regularly.

Now, what we are not talking about here is the physical exertion you have to produce when you are pushing the vacuum cleaner around your home. As much as that may burn off a few calories, what we are actually referring in terms of health benefits, are those which occur as a result of your carpets being clean.

The first relates all the tiny particles of dirt, tiny fragments of human skin, pet dander, and the microscopic cocktail of allergens and dust which exist in almost everyone’s carpet.

All these pollutants can have a negative impact on a healthy person’s respiratory system, so spare a thought for those unfortunate enough to have respiratory conditions or allergies, as they are going to be even more severely affected.

Our next nasty that lurk in carpets are dust mites. They cannot be seen, except under a microscope, but you can bet they exist on your carpet. There, they feast on any food particles which happen to drop on the floor, and of course, when any creature eats, solid waste is eventually produced.

The waste that a dust mite excretes is another which humans can be allergic to, and even if you are not allergic to it, do you really like the idea that you could be breathing in dust mite faeces?

Incidentally, here is a scary fact: In just one square yard of carpet, as many as 100,000 dust mites could exist, and each of those dust mites will be feasting and ‘messing’, all over your carpet.

In addition to the undesirables we have already discussed, there will other types of bacteria lurking in carpets which are not cleaned regularly. Where these are of most concern is in homes with babies whose immune systems may not be fully developed, and thus not able to protect them from infections caused by bacteria.

We have spoken about solid nasties lurking in your carpet, but liquids can create things which are damaging to our health too. Spilled drinks, wet carpet due to tap leaks, for example, if not soaked up and cleaned away completely, can cause mould to grow within the fibres of a carpet, especially within environments where a home has high humidity.

Mould can be responsible for spores being released into the room, and again, those with respiratory conditions or allergies are going to suffer as a result.

We’ve already mentioned regular vacuuming can help, but it is not the complete solution to the issues we have outlined. In order to properly rid your carpet of all the nasties we have discussed, you need to have your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

Professional carpet cleaners know exactly how to get rid of all those pollutants that are a risk to you and your family’s health, including dust mites, pet dander, allergens, and mould. Clean carpets also promote cleaner and fresher airflow around the home, giving everyone a further boost to their health.