There is a well-known phrase that states, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Whilst not entirely accurate, given that people who eat apples do still become ill from time to time, it speaks more to the fact that apples contain many nutrients that are good for your health, and thus will hopefully reduce how often the doctor needs to see you.

However, the doctor is not the only health professional that apples can reduce the workload for. Your dentist may also not be as busy trying to fix your teeth and gums if you eat apples regularly. To provide you with some of the reasons why apples are good for your health, including your oral health, we are going to outline are some of the many benefits of eating apples. Before we look at oral health,  we will first list some of the general health benefits apples can provide.

Reduced Blood Pressure: High blood pressure can result from high levels of sodium in your blood. Apples are rich in potassium which helps to control the aforementioned sodium levels, thus keeping your blood pressure in check.

Reduced Cholesterol: Keeping cholesterol levels under control is essential for your health and in lowering the risk of you having a heart attack. You will be pleased to learn that the enhanced levels of fibre that apples have, especially pectin,  are proven to lower levels of cholesterol.

Great For Brain Health: Lower risks of stroke and lower instances of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease have been proven to be a result of anti-oxidants in the food we eat. As apples have high levels of anti-oxidants, it stands to reason it is one of those foods that support brain health.

Reduced Respiratory Issues: Anyone that suffers from asthma or has chronic bronchitis can see their symptoms reduced by eating apples. The reason is that apples contain flavonoids and phytochemicals which can relieve airway inflammation.

Good For Your Skin: Again, it is the high anti-oxidant levels in apples that you can thank for this. They reduce the oxidation process, which is a prime culprit in the aging process of the skin.

Ok, we have shown how apples can boost your health, and keep your doctor happy, and now it is time for your oral health, and how apples can support it.

Nature’s Toothbrush: Apples are called “nature’s toothbrush” because when you crunch into them, the fibrous texture of their skin and the fruit itself have several beneficial effects starting with it giving your teeth a gentle scrub to clean them as you chew. Next, it promotes the increased flow of saliva, with its bacteria-killing qualities protecting your teeth. Chewing an apple can also dislodge plaque that is stuck on the sides of individual teeth.

Promoting Gum Health: Vitamin  C plays a crucial role in protecting your gums, and in particular, it helps to fight off bacterial infections. Apples have high levels of Vitamin C and eating two or three of them can provide up to 15% of your recommended daily intake. The polyphenols and antioxidants in apples also contribute to the fight against oral bacteria which can attack your gums and your teeth.

Natural Breath Freshener: Fresh breath is an important part of your oral hygiene and apples can make your breath fresher thanks to the acidity levels they have. These acids attack bacteria and in particular the bacteria which causes your breath to smell less than pleasant.