If you are contemplating a landscape design to reinvigorate your garden, there are likely to be several reasons that are driving you towards that decision. It could be you have moved into a new home, and you want to put your stamp on it with a newly landscaped garden. Or it might be that your garden is lacking aesthetics such as swimming pools and is not somewhere that you and your family can enjoy.

Another, and extremely important reason for having a landscape design created for your garden is once it has been fully installed, the value of your property is almost certainly going to increase. That could be anywhere between 1% and 10%, and some are even bold enough to suggest 20%. We obviously cannot guarantee you any of those figures, however, if the past is a guide, a beautiful, landscaped garden will certainly add, not detract from a property’s value.

Whatever that value might be, it is only of any positive effect if, when you come to sell your property, you have buyers willing to pay your asking price. A further benefit of a landscaped garden is that its existence is going to make your home a more desirable option for buyers than other properties that do not have a well-designed landscape garden.

You will note that we added the proviso of “well-designed” because, if a landscape design has not been given much thought, then the garden that it creates is not going to be as appealing, nor as valuable, as one that has been well-designed. As such, we thought it would be helpful if we gave five simple, but highly effective tips on ensuring that your landscape design will add value to your property and make it easier to sell.

Take An Holistic Approach To Your Landscape Design

One of the worst mistakes you can make when planning your landscape design is to consider it in isolation from the rest of the property. The result can be a landscaped garden that looks as though it was ripped up from somewhere else and placed there without any thought as to the property it is adjoined to. As such, consider your house, driveway, and surroundings and how your landscaped design can augment these and vice versa.

Include A Living Space

A favourite feature within landscaped gardens, and one which any prospective buyers will immediately see as a positive is a living space. This can act as an extension to the home whereby guests can be entertained on a patio, decking, or best of all a fully functional seating area with soft furnishings, lighting, and even heating for the colder evenings.

Create Privacy

Every individual has opinions about the level of privacy they want in their garden. If you are looking ahead to the time when you might sell your property we suggest opting for more privacy than less within your landscape design. Those who are not bothered about privacy will readily accept enhanced privacy far more than those that like complete privacy will a design that seems open, exposed, and too accessible to the street outside.

Avoid Fads And Short-Term Trends

Landscaping is not something which would usually be changed often, and that is why we strongly suggest that avoid any current trends or fads that appear to be short-term ones. You might not sell your property for several years, and the last thing you want is for features in your landscaped garden to appear dated, or worse, second-rate due to the passing of time.

Make The Lawn A First-Class Feature

The first thing most people check when they are looking at a landscaped garden is the lawn. They do so, as it is usually the centrepiece, and a high-quality lawn can set your garden apart from other gardens whose lawns are not so good. To make your lawn the best it can be and one which will protect your investment, ensure you chose the best quality turf, that its shape and size are optimised, and once it is laid, that you maintain it as required.