If someone throws up while seated on or near your leather couch, there’s no time to clean the couch thoroughly or call in professional couch cleaners. The cause of the throw-up could be anything from a severe stomach illness to an excessive amount of alcohol consumption.

Whilst leather is a robust and durable material, that does not mean it is invincible, and should someone vomit all over a leather couch, there are serious risks that the leather could be damaged and thus ruin the appearance of that couch.

Some reasons this is the case include any food colorants within the vomit causing the dye on the leather to discolor and the stomach acid within the vomit burning a stain into the leather. The lingering smell will remain on your leather couch should the vomit not be cleaned away correctly, no matter how small the amount is.

So, assuming you do not wish your leather couch to be damaged or, worse, ruined should someone vomit on it, below is our quick guide on how to clean vomit from a leather couch. Before we start, the essential medical point is that before you do any couch cleaning, please ensure that the person who has been sick is okay. Vomiting can be an indicator of something more serious, so attend to their welfare before your couch by seeking medical advice if you deem it necessary.

Remove The Vomit From The Leather Couch

The first and most pressing task you should carry out is to remove the vomit from your couch. As gross as it might be, the quicker you do it, the better it will be for the couch. Ensure you wear rubber gloves for apparent health and hygiene reasons. Use a kitchen towel or toilet tissue to dispose of this correctly. Any remaining vomit can be removed by a plastic spatula or similar.

Use The Correct Cleaning Solution

The problem often found here is that there are so many variations of leather types that each needs different cleaning solutions to ensure no damage occurs. As such, using the wrong cleanser can do more damage to the leather than the vomit ever would. If you do not have or are unsure what the right leather cleaner is, make a simple solution of mild dish soap and water to clean the affected area.

Rinse The Area

We do not mean rinse in the same way you rinse clothes or dishes but to ensure that any and all of the cleaning solution you have used is removed from your couch and surroundings, including any carpeted areas. This will also allow you to ensure that all of the vomit has been removed. Rinse by gently wiping the area with a damp cloth until the spot is clean. Should your leather have a grain, always rub with it and never against it or in circles.

Dry Properly

Leather and dampness are not normally a match made in heaven unless the leather is water-resistant, so you must dry the area of your couch that you have just cleaned. If not, the leather can become complex and brittle, so ensure it dries quickly using a lint-free, soft cloth.

Take No Risk And Call In Professional Couch Cleaners

No matter how much or how little of the vomit you have been able to remove, the best possible solution is to call upon the services of a professional couch-cleaning company. They are experts in cleaning every kind of leather that your couch could be made from, and they will ensure that anything on it, including vomit, is adequately removed, leaving your couch looking as it should and damage-free.