To many people, choosing a dentist like Candlewood Dental Centre is an easy process. You look online or in the phone book, pick one, then make a booking. Sure, you’ve selected a dentist, but how do you know if they are the best dentist? Read on to find out.


Not every dentist will offer every service, and that can be quite inconvenient when you require those services at a later date. The best dentist is one that will provide all those general dentistry services like checkups and fillings, but will then also offer cosmetic dental services like teeth whitening and Invisalign braces, too.

Before you make your booking, find out more about the dental services they provide. The complete package offers unparalleled convenience.


The location of your chosen dentist is not the most critical factor, but it certainly helps if they are close to you. Start by looking at the options nearest to you, then branch further out until you find the one who ticks all the boxes. Fortunately, searching for ‘dentists near me’ online can narrow down your options.


One in six Australian adults and one in ten Australian children fear the dentist, according to a study at the University of Adelaide. Therefore, the last thing anyone with anxiety towards oral care wants to do is visit a clinic that doesn’t seem safe or welcoming.

When the time comes to pick a new dentist for your family, don’t be afraid to visit the clinic and get a “feel” for it. Does it make you feel welcome? Does it have comfortable furniture and calming colours? Does it look professional? A pristine, warm, and welcoming dental clinic would be a preferred option for many over one that’s dark and dinghy.

The Dental Team

The services a dentist provides, their clinic, and the location of their clinic all matter when trying to find the right dentist for you. But, of course, the dental team makes all the difference, as well. Most dentists now have websites, so you can often check out the team who will be helping you before you meet them in person.

If you are feeling particularly anxious about a dental visit, you can also phone ahead and ask any questions you may have about those who will be caring for your teeth.

Reviews & Testimonials

The advanced digital age we live in means that information about businesses and individuals is readily available. If you are struggling to find a dentist in Australia that ticks all the boxes, then why not look online? Visit their website, read testimonials from their customers, and skim through Google reviews – and even those on social media – to get a feel for the clinic and what it can offer.

Take your time choosing a dentist. Find out if they offer the services you need, whether they are close by, and if they have an experienced and professional dental team who go the extra mile. Your oral care is important, so choose a dentist who values it as much as you.

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